Kate Turner

The Blurst of Reddit: The Circle of Life and the Official Friendzone Logo

Finally, the social address we all find ourselves in, The Friendzone, has a logo. Just like Batman. Thank you, Reddit.


Ah, don’t we live in such a glorious time? What we get away with via the net is incredible. And when I say “we,” I mean the trolling, fucked-up people who have no lives and only feel any kind of emotion through the act of bullying strangers they will probably never meet in person! Yeah, I’m talking about you lot!

All the comments of “go kill yo-self” and the “you ugly” … what the hell, man? Didn’t your mother smack you hard enough in the day when your mother could discipline you with a smack to the behind without being pinned to social media and in turn being told by some noob who wasn’t disciplined as a child to “go kill yo-self”?

Ah, the circle of life.

Hello World!


The Parrot, the Dancefloor Wingman to Rule Them All


The Official Friendzone Logo

We finally have it, with a thumbs up and a half heart hand gesture we have the official Friendzone logo. A new subtle way to show how you feel about your crush/friend/person you only see as a brother or sister, without having to voice it. And to all the brothers and sisters who have felt the pain of being friendzoned, we salute you. You had the guts to mildly attempt to show your feelings to your friend and ultimately got shunned. Ouch. But kudos to you. #Demshunnedfeels

I present to you the official friend zone logo.


When Your Cockiness Comes Back to Bite You




’Til next week!




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