Nicholas Harrington

TBS Fact-Check: Realities behind Trump Response

Following Donald Trump’s election as POTUS, The Big Smoke‘s political analyst cuts to the heart of why people believe the democratic process went so wrong.


I am quite concerned about what the election of Donald Trump means for liberal Western societies. But, not for the reasons you might assume.

Of course, there is a good chance that Donald Trump will wind back the clock on ten years of social justice and progressivism, but there may also be different (although not insignificant) positive outcome. This, however, is not the topic of my video. I want to address the disjuncture between two groups of people’s perception of what occurred on November 8. One side thinks Adolf Hitler was just elected. The other side sees their champion. Unless this gulf is bridged, I have no doubt we will see the mass protests already seen in L.A. and New York spread elsewhere around the globe.



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