Denise Shrivell

The Week in Media: November 12th, 2016

Every week, The Big Smoke looks at industry news curated by MediaScope. This week: State of the Media Report 2017, “Can advertising support a free Internet?”, and “What are you going to do about it?”



The State of the Media 2017 Report 
(Digital Media, TheMediaBriefing)

This “illuminating” report is generated through a survey of “hundreds of C-level readers” – all condensed into a “90 minute briefing, covering all the means of revenue generation, from data to video.”

Just The Facts, Please — In Our Industry As Well As Politics
(Dave Morgan, MediaPost)

“… our media world today gives highly visible soapboxes to an almost infinite supply of self-proclaimed or dubiously anointed ‘experts’ with little or no regard for the veracity of what they say, or their qualifications for saying it. In fact, those with the more-extreme arguments are more likely to get links and airtime and appear on carousels and scrollers (thank you, content marketing). … The fragmentation of media has created echo chambers of sameness and self-selection bias that only makes things worse. This is a real problem that our media and news organizations need to solve, not just exploit. … When we think about the importance of bringing more fact-based discourse to these critical national and global issues impacting all of humanity, we’re bound to realize the similar problems in our own industry … We wouldn’t have had nearly the problems affecting us today with fraud, viewability and bots if the companies allocating those many billions of dollars of wasted shareholder money had immersed themselves more in the facts of how the digital ad ecosystem operated — instead of just chasing the bright, shiny object of participating in the digital, social, mobile-first world that they read and talk about everyday. … The same can probably be said for the nonsensical, maniacal focus so many marketers have today on appealing to ‘millennials’ …”

Can Advertising Support a Free Internet? 
(David Benady, The Guardian)

“The supporters of an open, democratic internet, funded mainly by advertising, are facing some big questions about how their vision will unfold. A freely accessible digital world, where websites and social networks are open to all, is the dream of many. But critics wonder if this is desirable or even possible. … Brands have shifted a huge proportion of their marketing budgets into online advertising in recent years, fuelling the growth of the internet and becoming the main source of funding for most websites and social networks. But while many campaigns hit the spot, others can be irritating, intrusive and irrelevant. … How can advertisers and web publishers make sure ad campaigns are effective and entertaining enough to pay the internet’s bills, while ensuring online services don’t disappear behind a series of privately accessed paywalls?”

‘What are You Going to do About It?’ Industry Pros Share their Actions at 3% Conference 
(Doug Zanger, The Drum)

“The theme of this year’s 3% Conference is ‘What are you going to do about it?’ From conversation comes tangible action — both large and sweeping at agencies and brands and especially for individuals. These ‘micro-actions’ are the things people will do each day, no matter the level, to impact positive change around gender. During this year’s conference, several industry people were asked: ‘What are you going to do about it?’ ”




Denise Shrivell

Founder of MediaScope, Denise is well-known and has been actively involved in the advertising, media, and publishing industry in Australia and overseas for 30 years. She started her advertising career as a planner and buyer, then moved to the sales side working with several major publishers. She regularly attends and gets involved with industry conferences and events and is a judge for the Mumbrella, PANPA and ADMA Awards.

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