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Muslim-Owned Restaurant’s Free Christmas Feast Saves 2016

Muslim-owned London restaurant offers free Christmas feast to those in need. Redeems an exclusively rubbish year from getting thrown into bin.


2016, for the most part, has been akin to being shot in the neck with an arrow, only to find it has a gas bill attached to it. In the world of “post-truth,” no-truth, bias, and advertised body counts, I pour all the respect I’ve been saving into a bucket and will now mail it to the owner of London restaurant, Shish, who has decided to fling open their doors for Christmas, feeding those of any denomination, or station, for absolutely chuffing nothing.

Hasan Masud, an employee at the restaurant, promises a three-course meal (inclusive of chicken shish and the uber tasty yogurt-based dip, cacik) for anyone who turns up on Christmas Day. “Lots of people stay home alone for Christmas… They don’t need to. They can come here and have some fun,” said Mr. Masud, who represents a vibrant canon of hope shining upon a barren landscape pockmarked with the unfeeling boots of racists, bigots, and the like.

It seems that popularized stereotypes grow proportionately to the lack of understanding on the subject. For all the flame-haired subplots trying to divide us, all it takes is four walls in a London suburb we’ll never visit to show how easy it is to consign the populist racism of 2016 to the bin of history. More of that, please.

Suddenly, it actually feels like Christmas.




Brenton Moore

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