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Homer Simpson: An Economic Analysis

Homer Simpson, the idol of the median masses, has held over 150 jobs. So, how much money has he earned in those positions? Vox has a S-M-R-T analysis.


Homer Simpson, in his own words, is the quintessential “upper lower middle class” type. His position as the longtime safety inspector at Springfield Nuclear panter pant [sic] nestles him firmly in the flab of the waisted middle. However, the man himself has held over 150 jobs over the length of his life; so, from a financial standpoint, where does that place him?

Well, this herculean task has been taken on by the fiendish bean counters over at Vox, who by the power of Google and assumption have tried to crunch the numbers in order to answer the immortal question: How much money is there in a Poochie?




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