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The Blurst of Reddit: Back in My Day …

Growing up is hard. If you’re reminiscing over the past of late and finding it tricky to be an adult, well, fortunately Reddit can provide some assistance.


When you’re unfortunately at the age when you begin to say, “Back in my day,” you’ll know that you’re now old as fuck. For instance, back in my day, a chocolate bar and a can of cola cost about $2 for the lot.

Back in my day, I could watch the TV without also checking my phone, iPad, laptop, etc. This was mainly due to the fact that we didn’t have smartphones back in my day; in fact, the only phone we had was stuck to the wall, unless you were rich and had a portable phone the size of a newborn baby.

But also, back in my day, I couldn’t just look up on Google the answer to a question. If I wanted to know something, I had to ask an actual person or head to the library, because the Internet was not in my household ’til I was 13 years old. And even then it was dial-up and took a month or two for a page to load. And by that time, my Mum was yelling at me to get off the net so she could use the phone.

It took about 15 tries, but I was finally able to buy beer using my blockbuster membership as proof of age.. from funny

Back in my day, freedom of speech without being slaughtered was a thing. I know, crazy.

Back in my day, I didn’t know who the heck Donald Trump was. It was a simpler time.



How to Adult According to Reddit

Moving to a new city and trying to make friends as an adult can be difficult. You’re out of your comfort zone, looking for peeps with the same kind of weird as you. You meet someone you dig and all you really want to say is, “Let’s be best friends!” But now that you’re an adult and shit, saying that seems desperate, which … well, yeah, it is. See people in their late 20s and above are set in their ways. They’re usually content with the crew they have. Breaking into that tight-knit group can be bloody exhausting! And you just hope to God there is another dude or dudette looking for a new member.

After moving away from home for the first time I realized something

So I’ve found some useful tips at Reddit to help us all get our friendship on.

Be confident:


Lie to not seem desperate:

Dang it Cathy!

Find someone as weird as you:


Once you catch one, don’t let them go:


Okay, bye!




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