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The Week in Media: February 25th, 2017

Every week, The Big Smoke presents industry news curated by MediaScope. This week, we chart the media landscape, we list the thirty ad people you should be following on Twitter, and we wonder if advertising can beat the alt-right.




The Global Media Landscape: In Eight Charts
(Damian Radcliffe – TheMediaBriefing)

“Every year Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, publishes their International Communications Market Report. The report benchmarks the performance of UK communications sectors against different comparator countries. … The most recent study – published without much aplomb at the end of last year – covered 18 different countries, exploring the take-up, usage and motivation behind different communication technologies. … The 213-page report is full of data and insights.”


Taking Digital Transformation beyond the Digital
(Joe McKendrick – Forbes)

“With every technology wave comes vast amounts of budgets spent with the hopes that shiny new solutions will magically and instantly lift organisations out of their calcified, sluggish processes up the sleek slope of hyper-competitiveness. Cloud computing is an example of such thinking, and lately, this has been expanded to encompass digital transformation. … There’s no question that digital technology helps open new doors to innovation. The cloud, for example, is an abundance of on-demand, low-cost or no-costs resources on which to launch ideas and build businesses. Remember, though, only humans can launch ideas and build businesses. Software can execute commands, but cannot decide to go into a new market. What is needed more than new technology is bonafide corporate transformation, with an emphasis on innovation, spirited development and shared ownership. Technology plays a supporting role.”


The 30 Best People in Advertising to Follow on Twitter
(Julien Rath – Business Insider)

“#AdvertisingTwitter can sometimes seem like a desolate land. The majority of marketers and ad execs either aren’t signed up to the service or only use it to retweet nice things about themselves or their company. … That’s why [Business Insider pulled] together an annual list of the best people in advertising and marketing to follow on Twitter. … These are the executives they believe provide the most value with tweets that are insightful, offer useful information, give us an inside look at their company, or simply make us laugh. They may not necessarily work in an agency but what they have to share provides value for the whole of the advertising community.”


CMOs’ Vision Crucial to Their Success
(Corey Treffiletti – MediaPost)

“… marketing is going to be getting much, much easier over the next couple of years. The primary challenge to marketers over the last 15 years or so has been fragmentation, and we are now rapidly heading toward a landscape that is the opposite of fragmented. With consolidation, marketers need only pick a few partners and go deep with them in order to creatively reach their target audience. [Following] down this logical path … first of all, the media space has become simpler in the last few years. …”


Think Different: Can Advertising Defeat ‘Alt-Right’ Propaganda?
(Sam Delaney – The Guardian)

“Nationalist propaganda has moved into the mainstream. Breitbart News, the Far-Right outlet once led by Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, is launching new sites in Germany and France. Breitbart London has already launched, and a cursory glance at its front page shows stories pushing three simple messages: migrants are bad; Muslims are bad; the EU is bad. … In light of the spread of Far-Right bigotry and misinformation, Theresa May’s government has launched a campaign to fight back. As part of a £60m government project, the advertising group M&C Saatchi will be tasked with combating the increasingly widespread influence and propaganda of the so-called ‘Alt-Right’.”




Denise Shrivell

Founder of MediaScope, Denise is well-known and has been actively involved in the advertising, media, and publishing industry in Australia and overseas for 30 years. She started her advertising career as a planner and buyer, then moved to the sales side working with several major publishers. She regularly attends and gets involved with industry conferences and events and is a judge for the Mumbrella, PANPA and ADMA Awards.

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