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The Most Ludicrous Internet Fight Ever Charted

Disagreeing with someone on the Internet is the entire reason there is an Internet, right? Well, after surviving this tale, you’ll never criticize again. 


Everyone knows you shouldn’t fight on the Internet. Everyone knows that nothing is earned, nor gained, nor won. It’s a battlefield of opinion that never falls silent. However, you could argue that Internet arguments have a point. You’d be absolutely right. Except you’re absolutely wrong, and, yes, I will fight you.

From the depths of the Internet mire, the bubbling forgotten days of 2008, comes this story. The story of a gladiatorially stupid squabble between two commentators on a fitness message board (of all things). Gird your loins, because it gets real stupid real quick and makes you question the worth of your existence. Courtesy of the mind and perhaps abject insanity of Jon Bois from SB Nation, prepare yourself for The Dumbest Boy Alive.

You have been warned.




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