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PolitiScope: Facing the Alt-Right

Like it or not, the alt-right is here to stay. This week, the PolitiScope podcast discusses points about facing the alt-right in everyday life and whether middle ground can be found with extremists.


The alt-right is a social phenomenon; old in ideas, new in intensity. This week, the rigid vessel of discourse, RMS PolitiScope, is steered by Professor Jane Goodall of the Writing and Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University. This shifting movement is now a transatlantic one as the alt-right has a strong footing in Europe as a response to the influx of refugees from the Middle East.

For those on the left, the views of the alt-right are the furthest points on your moral compass. With those on the alt-right feeling the same about the left, can we possibly hold a conversation as opposed to waiting for our turn to speak?

The question we endeavor to answer this week is: Can you keep your calm when facing the alt-right? Assisting the Professor in her studies are Jonathan Goodall, a Sydney University post-graduate student in Gender and Culture studies, taking a particular interest in the development of the alt-right through the Trump campaign, and Christopher Fleming, an Associate Professor in Humanities from Western Sydney University.

Listen to “Keeping Calm in the Face of the Alt-Right” on Spreaker.




PolitiScope Podcasts

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