Jess Scully

Thanks for Typing: A Dissertation to the Mansplainers

To the mansplainers among you, I address these words. They’re a bit forward, but I’m giving back only a fraction of what I’ve received. Thank you for not typing in response.


Hi, I am Jess and I’ve had enough. I’m 26 and I’ve have had enough of crying sexism. I’ve had enough of being corrected on things that I have researched and know more about by someone who has a picture of their ute as their profile photo on Facebook. I’m done with constantly having to excuse the men with hurt feelings every time I bring up an issue affecting women. I’m tired of the good men of the world being dragged down by the shitlords of society. I’m sick of hearing “actually” at the beginning of replies. I’m tired of people assuming that my hobbies are anything to do with attracting or keeping a male.

I. Have. Had. Enough.

Recently the hashtag #ThanksForTyping was trending on Twitter. The gist is, many male authors have throughout the ages thanked their wives for typing and retyping and retyping their manuscripts while the husband gets all the accolades for their hard work.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to type someone’s work for them. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing, but I much prefer being appreciated. I have had a coworker tell me that he was swamped and needing help with something being written; after three drafts were changed and my own work and the constant interruption of amendments that were affecting my work, I said that I’d spent all the time I could on it. He gave me the silent treatment for two days after bellowing “thanks for nothing” half a foot away from my face. I am not a personal assistant. I used to work in admin and have acquired skills that older coworkers especially don’t possess. An employer may see these skills as valuable. Certain people would see these as a reason to exploit me because these are such simple skills that anyone could do.

Just last month I had a man who wasn’t a doctor and has never had an ongoing intimate relationship with a woman tell me period pain isn’t painful. Or what about old mate who told women they should seal up their vagoo when red week starts?

Here’s where I get into a twist. These authors’ wives were typing and doing the hard yards for their husbands to get praise which is no different to me writing for two hours of my work day for someone who expects me to drop everything else. This is a job that they either cannot or will not do and yet the woman performing the task is completely undervalued in the process.

A lot of women (and men) shared their experiences on Twitter recalling instances where they’ve seen women’s labor merely counted as footnotes to the extraordinary work of males including an author whose wife typed a quarter of a million words and a student whose Harvard dean told the students that they should “get married” because his wife typed his dissertation. Yeah, look, eff that.

I don’t know how many people have implied or straight up said to my face that my job is the easiest in the world and that they could easily take my job if they wanted to. As if I didn’t do two tertiary courses and now have six years of practical experience in the industry, as well as all the practicing, research, and sacrifices to find myself where I am. One thing I have a huge issue with is how quick people in this world who have a Y chromosome are to correct women on things that they should know more about.

Just last month I had a man who wasn’t a doctor and has never had an ongoing intimate relationship with a woman tell me that period pain isn’t painful if I do some kind of ritual. Truth be told I can’t remember what it was because the moment this guy started to try and tell me about my own uterus I started to think about puppies so that I didn’t roll my eyes into the back of my head and trigger a migraine.

Or what about old mate who told women they should just seal up their vagoo when red week starts? When women replied that gluing their labia shut was the actual worst idea, this is what old mate had to say:

Probably the most interesting thing about the horrible lipstick that glues your girl together is the name “menses.” Literally. Men sez. Because there’s not enough men telling women what to do because what they’re doing is the wrong way.

Hey guys, you can thank us ladies for typing and speaking and really doing all the jobs you don’t want to do all you want. But, on behalf of women, I’ll thank you for not typing. Cheers.




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