Extremist Movie Debate

Extremist Movie Debate: The Fate of the Furious

In Extremist Movie Debate, Ethan and Joe’s true feelings about the movie do not matter. They flip a coin to decide who loves the movie and who hates it. They then debate it on the fly. This episode? The Fate of the Furious.

Oftentimes, hilarity ensues (or just offensive arguments). As always, SPOILERS AHEAD. 


The Fate of the Furious [official trailer]

Do action movies need substance or can a series of action scenes drive them to high adrenaline entertainment? The Fate of the Furious tries to answer this question. Joe thinks continuity and stakes need to be present for the movie to build the tension to be successful. Ethan thinks seeing bigger and better car races is enough to hold the franchise together. Highly Paid Intern Alex steps in to moderate this important debate.


[Posted with permission. Please add the Extremist Movie Debate YouTube channel HERE to catch all future debates as they post them.]



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