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Anti-Vaccer Binge Watches House, M.D., Feels Confident Giving Diagnosis over Facebook

Where do the anti-vaccine, pro-disease crowd turn to for professional advice? A television doctor, of course.


Ron Farrell, an anti-vaccine father of one, recently signed up for Netflix and immediately watched as many health shows as he could in order to do some research.

“I must have watched every health and medicine show on Netflix in a matter of months,” explained Farrell. “After watching all eight seasons of House, M.D., I feel fully confident to answer almost any question on Facebook from a fellow anti-vaccine, anti-science, pro-disease parent.”

Farrell is so confident in his abilities that he has told many family members and friends that he is “pretty much a doctor.”

“I know I technically didn’t go to medical school, but I guarantee you I could out diagnose any doctor. All they learn in school is what Big Pharma wants them to know. Ask your doctor about vaccine ingredients or chemtrails and watch them squirm,” laughed Farrell.

When The Science Post last spoke with Farrell, he was planning on purchasing a PhD from a diploma mill online so that he can call himself doctor.

“I know some people might say it’s cheating or something, but I know more than medical doctors and simply chose not to go to Big Pharma medical school. I am every bit as qualified and should be given the respect I am entitled to.”

After Farrell pays for his PhD, he plans to start his own anti-vaccine health and supplement website specializing in diagnosing vaccine, GMO, and chemtrail injuries.


This article was first published on The Science Post and is reprinted with permission.




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  1. Corie Skolnick said:

    I think Dr. Phil will sell him a PhD. Cheap.