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Scientists Find Gene Responsible for “Dad Jokes”

Don’t roll your eyes at your dad the next time he puns, because it might not be his fault.


In a recent study published in Foundations and Theory of Hereditary and Ethical Research (FATHER) scientists from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have isolated a gene only found in dads, which they believe is responsible for the telling of bad jokes and general lame sense of humor.

This previously undiscovered gene is entitled “CRH 9q13” and is similar to the gene that causes other symptoms such as “beer gut” and male pattern baldness. However, this particular discovery is very unique:

“This is a very extraordinary finding,” explains Dr. Mick Riviera, co-author of the study. “This genetic marker doesn’t appear to show up or develop until a man has a child; it then slowly begins to affect the father’s sense of humor over time.”

Dads are often the reason that bad puns get told at family dinners and are part of, if not all of, the reason that very poor jokes continue to thrive in modern society.

“We believe this gene may also be responsible for sending bad jokes via email and sharing YouTube or other online videos months after they have already gone viral,” says Dr. Riviera.

The full study will be available in next month’s issue of FATHER.


This article was first published on The Science Post and is reprinted with permission.


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