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Woman Diagnosed via Google with Chronic Disease Turns to Essential Oils for Treatment

One woman’s trip to the Google emergency room has landed her in a predicament. Reiki and Yoga has been ineffectual in treating her terminal condition. So, now what?


Things just keep getting worse for Nancy Ballmer, 44, who was recently diagnosed via a Google search with both Chronic Lyme Disease and Morgellons Disease, and she must now rely on her knowledge and that of her spiritual guru and homeopath to save her life.

“I’m at my wits’ end. I’ve tried Reiki, yoga, meditation, everything. The only hope I have left is essential oils,” explained Ballmer.

Ballmer’s spiritual guru is homeopath and friend “Dr.” Paul Ullman, who has been with her through thick and thin.

“I have been friends with Nancy for years, always trying to help her out as best I can. Whether she needs supplements, herbs, medicine, anything. I was always there willing to sell her some,” explained Ullman. “I am now trying to secure her the best price for my essential oils. That’s the difference between holistic and allopathic medicine: we care about our patients.”

Unfortunately, having a double diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease and Morgellons (not to mention recently getting over a bout of Fibromyalgia), not many alternative practitioners are holding out much hope for Ms. Ballmer; unless, they say, she comes to see them and buys their better, more expensive essential oils.


This article was first published on The Science Post and is reprinted with permission.


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