Extremist Movie Debate

Extremist Movie Debate: Daddy’s Home 2

In Extremist Movie Debate, Ethan and Joe’s true feelings about the movie do not matter. They flip a coin to decide who loves it and who hates it. They then debate it on the fly. This episode? Daddy’s Home 2

Oftentimes, hilarity ensues (or just offensive arguments). As always, SPOILERS AHEAD. 


Daddy’s Home 2 [official trailer]

The gang debates and reviews the second Christmas movie that came out this November, Daddy’s Home 2. Ethan thinks the inclusion of Mel Gibson normalizes his character’s misogynistic and hateful behavior because of the actor’s troubled real-life persona. Joe disagrees, arguing that the way the other characters allow his bad habits reflects real life and therefore makes it more realistic to everyday life during the holidays. Unpaid Intern Jeff moderates.


[Posted with permission. Please add the Extremist Movie Debate YouTube channel HERE to catch all future debates as they post them.]


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