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Oprah Calls out Harassment in Golden Globes Speech, Internet Pushes for “Oprah 2020”

Many voices have spoken out against institutional sexual harassment, but Oprah Winfrey may have just said it best. Oprah 2020? Bring it on.


In an award show that may well be defined by those who weren’t represented and a speech that we were cruelly deprived of, there’s one morsel that we should savor. Oprah Winfrey’s speech. To the bassline of much adulation strode the maven of daytime altruism to collect a shiny icon of gold and plastic that honored her outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.

However, Winfrey gave the world much more.

Recalling her own history with Hollywood, being carried by the proud shoulders of Sidney Poitier, watching how the entertainment industry rose as one to salute someone who wore the same skin hue as she, she earnestly shared the award with those who walked before her, and some who no longer do.

From there, Oprah spoke of a new dawn, a place beyond the “tyrants and victims and lies,” a place where they become prologue, a place where they’re merely a questionable relic of the past. In the past twelve months, we’ve desperately lurched from headline to scandal to op-ed, all searching for a collection of words, a mesh of identifiable feelings, a voice to truly define the features of the crossroads we now stand at. A place for the victims, both known and unknown, to seek solace in.

I say, completely devoid of hyperbole, that we’ve finally found our orator.



Oprah 2020? Yes, please.






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