Extremist Movie Debate

Extremist Movie Debate: Bright

In Extremist Movie Debate, a coin flip decides who loves it and who hates it. They then debate it on the fly. This episode? Bright

Oftentimes, hilarity ensues (or just offensive arguments). As always, SPOILERS AHEAD. 


Bright [official trailer]

Netflix is back with another big budget original movie! From the guy who made Suicide Squad, we get the movie Will Smith and him really wanted to make with Bright. Aaron sees Bright as an attempt to move past the notion that fantasy movies have to be silly, and he commends it for doing so; he thinks the movie is multi-layered in its themes and that Ethan is looking at it in too black and white terms. Ethan thinks Bright is harmful in that it perpetuates ideas of racism and police brutality; he also thinks the worldbuilding is terrible. Unpaid Intern Jeff moderates.


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