Extremist Movie Debate

Extremist Movie Debate: Green Room

In Extremist Movie Debate, a coin flip decides who loves it and who hates it. They then debate it on the fly. This episode? Green Room

Oftentimes, hilarity ensues (or just offensive arguments). As always, SPOILERS AHEAD. 


Green Room [official trailer]

The gang takes a look at the subversive, in-your-face horror revenge movie Green Room. Joe loves it and argues that the movie isn’t all that violent and relies upon implied violence to create the mood. (He pretty much blew it when he could have talked about literally anything else.) Ethan hates it saying the ultra violence was unnecessary and undeserved and used only for gratuitous means that ultimately lead to shoddy filmmaking. Unpaid Intern Jeff moderates. Green Room is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.


[Posted with permission. Please add the Extremist Movie Debate YouTube channel HERE to catch all future debates as they post them.]

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