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Sci-gasm Podcast: The Science Behind Our Hate of Nickelback

We love to hate Nickelback. But why? This week, the insane minds of Sci-gasm delve into the culture of public opinion and the means scientists use to measure our collective hate.


We’re a divided species, but we can all agree on one thing: Nickelback fudging sucks. But why?

We could obviously argue the obvious point that their music is terrible, but the sweeping general hate is a societal thing. How did it become cool to hate on them? Through this podcast, the two bent minds of Sci-gasm dive into the methods scientists employ in an attempt to monitor and predict extreme shifts in public opinion. They promise that they won’t get you to look at any graphs.

Yeah, that’s a lie. So, get understandment, stupid.



The Sci-gasm podcast promotes skepticism, science, and critical thinking, all through the ancient art of dick jokes. Whether it’s climate change or vaccines, GMOs or black holes, there’s nothing they’re not willing to discuss.

The Big Smoke will proudly be giving a platform to these two (Science-God, help us), but if you need a sci-gasm in the meantime, find them on Facebook!


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