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The Nerd Reserve Podcast: The New Spider-Man Video Game on PS4

The new Spider-Man game is here and, much to the delight of nerds everywhere, it looks great. But how does it play? Well …


Marvel’s Spider-Man has finally dropped, squashing graphics-downgrading rumors and delighting would-be superheroes everywhere.

Insomniac Games came out web-swinging, proving all the haters wrong from the very first high-definition load screen, eliciting cries of, “Good God in Heaven it looks amazing!” Spider-Man. Amazing Spider-Man … geddit? (Sorry.)

The world is so defined, textured, colorful and complete it’s as if you’ve stepped into a playable Pixar film; you feel like you can reach out and twang Spidey’s suit, just to see how stretchy it is.

The Sony/Insomniac/Marvel team have gone to huge lengths to provide you with an authentic Spidey experience, starting with your gameplay difficulty settings. Easy, Intermediate, or Hard? Oh no, try: Friendly, Amazing, and Spectacular!

And the inside jokes keep rolling, referencing the comics, animated series, and films. In fact, assumed knowledge is a big part of the storyline, dropping you into Peter Parker’s life eight years into his illustrious superhero career. There’s no need to go through lengthy cut scenes filled with exposition, you can just hit the ground running. Or, better yet, take to the streets web-swinging.

If there is only one reason why you should play Spider-Man, it’s the web-swinging. Years of Spidey games and films have finally garnered realistic physics that are nothing short of an unbridled joy to experience. Coupled with the extraordinary attention to detail in both the world and Spider-Man, it is the fulfillment of all your wildest dreams and, frankly, spectacular. Spider-Man. Spectacular Spider-Man … geddit? (Sorry.)

In fact, the only unrealistic element is the cleanliness of New York City, something you’ll get to discover as you run around in the open-world fighting crime, solving mini-puzzles, and finding your old backpacks left around the city.

The combat controls are a little clunky, lacking the fluidity of Spider-Man’s most comparable game, the Batman: Arkham series. The mini-puzzles are also a tad juvenile, however, this does make it the perfect game for a younger audience. The stakes are low, the style is largely non-threatening, and the controls are pretty easy to pick up. So, whether you’re a noob or a junior gamer, you’ll find it all quite friendly. Spider-Man. Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man … geddit? (Sorry.)

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