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A Lifetime of Pizza for a Corporate Tattoo? Russians Say Da

Over in Russia, Domino’s promised a lifetime supply of pizza to anyone who got a tattoo of their logo. Sadly, their noble plan went awry.


The relationship between getting your skin permanently marked with a company and getting a lifetime supply of their product has long been an unrequited one.

Until now.

In Russia, Domino’s recently offered a lifetime’s supply of pizza to whoever got a tattoo of their logo, with the proof uploaded to Instagram with the filter #dominosforever.

The terms of the promotion—designed to run for two months—said that anyone who got inked would get up to 100 pizzas per year for a century. But, sadly, due to a wave of attention, the company had to withdraw from the promotion.

Why Russia? I mean, would Stalin get a tattoo of the Colonel? No, he’d probably have him erased from history. But Russia’s history is the point, as The Wall Street Journal points out that freebies are big in Russia due to the culture of everyone doing with less for the greater more, so of course the modern Russian would jump in with two feet. It’s not exactly a finger to the parents, but it’s close. American Pizza Empires and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have a rich history, as before Mikhail Gorbachev led the country, he worked for Pizza Hut.

There’s another point to unpack, considering the average disposable income is about $500 per month, a slice of skin is not that high a high price to pay for a lifetime of free food.

Nevertheless, let us gaze at the magnificent fury of Russians forever marking their derma with a corporate logo, and forever making Lenin weep like a little girl. Ura!




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