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Kavanaugh’s “Whole Truth” Is a Question of Definition

Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony was punctuated by anger and tears, but it was his obfuscation of obvious sexual slang that stood out.


There’s much noise surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony, but he was at his loudest when he opened with, “Today, I have to say, that I fear for the future.” In many regards, it was the past that barged through the door, in allegation, but also in tone, as Kavanaugh defended the actions of the teenage him in a fashion that convinced the viewer that he was still 17, through misdirection and folksy banter, he granted the illusion of him drowning in a suit that he borrowed for his court appearance.



I can safely say the above, because I recognize the mindset employed. Deny and distort. Mask the true meanings behind terms, as you can outsmart the adults who are asking the questions. To that end, the twisting of three obvious definitions made me believe that he wasn’t telling the truth.



Now, I realize that slang changes with area and time, but knowing the generally held definition of these terms makes me believe that he deliberately misled proceedings.

“Boofing” is the manner of drinking booze via the anus, a collegiate classic, as urban legend dictates that it’ll get you drunk quicker. It is also a colloquialism for anal coitus. “The Devil’s Triangle” is not a drinking game as Kavanaugh claims, it’s a threesome participated with two men and a woman, with a great importance on the two men not making eye contact, lest their sexuality comes into question, because, dude, gay. Another yearbook term that Kavanaugh used, “the FFFFFFFourth of July,” the multiple consonant colloquially standing for “Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, Fuck them, Forget them,” Kavanaugh claimed this was not an acronym, but rather an inside joke about a friend who would “wind-up” his Fs before saying the F-word.


Urban Dictionary


Put those three together, and the transformation into the figure the internet suspects Kavanaugh to be is complete. The question of the Devil’s Triangle is a meaningful one, as it directly speaks to the mindset of someone who’d commit the allegations that Christine Blasey Ford has raised. Directing someone into a room backed up by another man, ultimately leading to sexual assault clearly seems like the foundation corner of that particularly questionable shape.

Plus, according to @Congressedits which tracks changes to Wikipedia, someone in the House of Representatives anonymously edited the Wikipedia results for “Devil’s Triangle” during the hearing adding “a popular drinking game enjoyed by friends of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.”



However, this is all conjecture, because this is all we have. We suspect that he’s lying, but we don’t know. These acidic allegations can easily be solved and dissolved through the course of an FBI investigation. The question of when and if that would occur has peppered today’s statement, and the ten days prior to it.



With that being said, Kavanaugh doubled down on not submitting to the FBI, planting:



That should be the primary facet I keep returning to. The refusal of the investigation. Why? Why else would he put himself through all this? Why would Kavanaugh be seared by the volcanic ash of internet discourse? Why give himself the headache if he could avoid it, allowing the FBI could uncover that the claims were as superfluous as Kavanaugh claims.





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