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The Nerd Reserve Podcast Tastes the Sting of Venom

Sony’s latest jaunt into the Spider-verse has divided not only audiences and critics, but The Nerd Reserve team as well. So is Venom worth your time?


Venom tells the story of an alien “symbiote” attaching itself to journalist Eddie Brock after an egomaniac scientist brought it to Earth for … reasons somewhat unclear.

Predictably, the introduction of a highly intelligent, amorphous, kill-happy species to our dear planet leads to much chaos and some light snacking on people’s heads.

The well-loved Marvel character, owned by Sony, unfortunately, was last seen on screens back in 2007 in the hilariously bad Spider-Man 3. The Topher Grace rendition of Eddie Brock/Venom was panned by fans for being, quite simply, wrong. Just. Not. Venom.

Thankfully, this Eddie Brock is in the capable hands of Tom Hardy, who manages the relationship between host and quippy alien parasite with good humor and excellent timing.



For one half of The Nerd Reserve though, Hardy is the sum total of anything worthwhile in this film. To Victoria Cotman, the rest is all weak performances based on an even weaker script; not to mention the overabundance of bro-humor, which exposes Sony as woefully behind the times for assuming women won’t be in the audience.

To the other half of The Nerd Reserve, however, Venom is an undeniably entertaining action-adventure. While Phil Logan wholeheartedly agrees that the supporting cast could have done with some TLC, to him, the chance to kick back and have a laugh is too good to pass up. After all, not every meal needs to be fine dining; sometimes, you just want a Macca’s run.

So which is it? Well, despite being universally damned by critics, Venom is making bank at the box office, which has to count for something, right?

In the end, only seeing the movie will land you on one side or the other, however, to help you on your way, The Nerd Reserve podcast has all the pros and cons! Just click the link below to listen.



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