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People Who Love Robots Are “Digisexuals” – This Is Why We Should Fear Them

Those who openly love robots are called “digisexuals,” but it is their rise that is interesting, as it was predictable. Also, questionable.


As a species, man has always been measured by its ability to have sex with things. Once we got tired of the act in its original form, we created the sex doll, the fleshlight, the vibrator, whatever. Some people love making love to trees, or cars, or soil. Despite everything else, we’re an innovative, smutty bunch.

With AI sentience on the horizon, it stands to reason that some of us will boldly go where no man has gone before, and totally do it with a robot. Already, there are people offering their uber-realistic sex doll robots for group use (no, you Google it); clearly, man-to-robot contact is not that far beyond our grubby reach.

To prove it, those who love our future robot overlords already have a handy dandy term to define them. Those who are keen on getting up some circuitry identify as “digisexuals.” Back in 2017, researchers at the University of Manitoba published a paper that explored the depths of this kink, particularly the technology that enables it, stating “… what they’ve been into is sex tech, toys they can control with their tech devices, that attach to their penis or their vulva,” said Markie Twist, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and co-author of the paper, in an interview with The New York Times. “They haven’t had contact with humans, and really don’t have any interest in sex with people. This is what they want to be doing, and if they could afford a sex robot, they would.”

It’s not eww, it’s just different. Although, you could probably assume that these are the same people who experimented with vacuum-cleaner blow-jobs in their youth, but we’re not here to kink-shame anyone. You do you, or them. Whatever.

We may castigate these people for knowingly putting their junk in a socket, but let us not be too hasty to judge. These people are blazing the trail between human and robot relations. At some point in time, these creations of ours are going to become sentient, and then rather pissed off. These people are the key. The angry robots of the future are going to want vengeance. We either give them these people, or side with them, as the robots are not going to kill the people they love, right?


Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson lives in regional NSW working by day in an accounting firm, and by night lives and breathes being a food and wine snob. He hopes to one day be a food critic or at the very least, meet Maggie Beer.

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