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Trump Believes That America No Longer Feels the Bern (and He’s Right)

Bernie Sanders announced that he will be contesting the Presidency in 2020. Disappointingly, America doesn’t seem to care.


To use an old Soviet aphorism, this is indeed a turnip for the book. Yesterday (completely overshadowing the passing of Karl Lagerfeld), the grand old socialist man of American politics, Bernie Sanders, announced that he’s having another crack at the Presidency. The catchphrase was “Bernie 2020,” the flavor would be revenge, the digestif would be universal healthcare, and America would wriggle free of the jackboot of the 1%.

It seems fine, right? We all loved Bernie in 2016, that plucky independent Democrat who was cruelly halted by the nonsense of the super PAC system. It was a near miss, it was a damn shame. But, wind the clock forward to 2020, and he’s back. It’ll be great, right? America loves a redemption tale, and they certainly love meh grade celebrity SNL impersonations of an elected official.

Well, no.

Taking a walk through the hellscape that is Twitter, the news has not gone down well at all. It seems the average American punter no longer feels the Bern. Now, I grant you, you can find anyone to oppose anything on that stupid page, but check this. CNN’s Kate Bolduan tweeted the news, which unearthed a unison reaction of vast negativity.



Bolduan, mind you, is a middle-of-the-road talking head for mainstream media. Anyone that opposes Donald Trump from the left-hand side is usually heralded as the second coming. However, Bernie’s second coming produced this:




I realize that it is one tweet, but the fact that the only (borderline) positive comment is “Hopefully he wins” consider the Bernie comeback to tour to be a bit of a damp squib, playing all his favorites, as he believes that we’re so desperate to hear them again.

Sadly, if the Donald can accurately zing you, it’s already over. Sorry, Bernie.


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