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Anna Sorokin’s Defrauding of New York’s Elite Is Strangely Commendable

Anna Sorokin lied to New York’s high society, defrauding them out of $200,000. Yes, she’s in jail, but maybe it was worth it?


Now, we find ourselves in an easy place to judge. A fake heiress has been sent to jail, and how dare she, and how dare she lie like that. Anna Sorokin, the character otherwise known as her Teutonic cashed up doppelganger, Anna Delvey, rolled around the streets of New York, dining in the finest establishments of food and bed in that problematic apple, wooing high society, investors, and anyone who would listen.

She got caught and sentenced and will be spending the next 4-12 years in prison after accruing $200,000 worth of fraudulent goods and/or services. But, those who believe justice is done – or that this person is not an example to follow – is kidding themselves.

The judge in the case claimed that she was “blinded by the glitter and glamour of New York City.”

The court ordered her to pay a similar amount in restitution (which she can’t pay) and, representing a sign of the times, Anna will have a Netflix special waiting for her when she makes bail. But, I’m getting distracted, because her crimes, or the tone of her courtroom duds discussed, matters not.

What does, is that Anna Sorokin has achieved something that few do. Ever since the days of our collective youth, we were raised on the assumption that the world’s greatest cities will open themselves to us. For instance, Kevin McAllister got on the wrong flight, but ended up staying in Central Park’s finest hotel, duped a future President, and scored the contents of a toy store, completely devoid of responsibility.

Adulthood brutally reveals our fantasy to be juvenile. The destinations we visit do not care, do not note our feet on their streets. Our impulsive jaunts are oft-highlighted by landmarks not seen, and experiences not felt. We walk past the Louvre. We do not dine at the Michelin star restaurant on the Rue de Rivoli, we press our face up against the glass of institutions of places we cannot afford to savor. Anna Sorokin, for her sins, devoured New York. She gorged on the saccharine underbelly of that town, she Benes-danced around the high standards of the high society she was present to subvert. She was a fraud, yes, but she was the absolute peak of. King Kong in an LBD; she would not be denied.

As the song goes, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. I just hope Rikers Island does champagne breakfast.


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