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Got 30 Minutes to Spare? You Could Easily Master These Skills

I’m busy, you’re busy. However, if you manage to have some free time, why not learn something for once? Or don’t, we’re not your mom.


I’m bored, you’re bored. We have half an hour to spare. So, instead of blithely strolling through the same three apps, why not learn something useful with this collection of how-to videos that range from communicating with a sinking ship from 1918, talking with a computer from 2018, and picking locks? Because, why not?


Pick a Lock

There are plenty of legitimate reasons why you might want to pick a lock. Perhaps you’ve lost the key for something, or inherited a locked item without a key. Obviously, don’t use it to break into things. That was your idea, not ours.


Tie Your Shoes Right

Hate to break it to you, but you’re tying your shoes wrong. In this three-minute TED talk, Terry Moore shows you a better way. Once you’ve absorbed that, go poke around Ian’s Shoelace Site for all kinds of fancy alternative knots.


Calculate the Day of the Week

There’s a nifty math trick called the Doomsday Algorithm that allows you to work out what day of the week any date will be until 2099. This video, from MindYourDecisions, explains how it works.


Perform CPR

In an emergency, having someone around who can perform CPR can save lives. Make that person you, with this (slightly ridiculous) video from CPRCertified.com. It covers proper hand placement, the correct compression ratio, and other safety measures.


Use Morse Code

Morse Code, invented by Samuel Morse, is a handy way of sending messages in all kinds of situations. Luckily, it has a reasonably sensible structure. Learn how it works with this documentary, shared on YouTube by Documentary Tube.


Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Solving a Rubik’s Cube is easy, you just need to understand how it works. TheSergsB has a 15-minute tutorial that explains everything you need to know about this physical puzzle.


Learn to Pronounce Anything Correctly

The International Phonetic Alphabet is a vital tool for learning how to pronounce words in a foreign language and, occasionally, in your own. This video explains how it works, and how you can use it to be understood in any situation.


Write HTML

Almost every website on the Internet uses some form of HTML and it’s not very hard to learn the basics. This 12-minute video from Jake Wright goes over the basic structure of an HTML page, as well as some of the most important tags.



This piece was originally published by How We Get To Next.

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