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Local Influencer Contracts Radiation Sickness After Fukushima Photoshoot

It’s all gone wrong for one social media influencer after her photoshoot at Fukushima was spoiled by massive doses of radiation.


Prayers are currently up for Mullumbimby’s 423rd top social media influencer after she contracted acute radiation sickness as a result of a photoshoot at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station.

Shanae Wilson, 23, was able to upload one image to her Instagram, depicting the moment her “slav squat” went awry, with the caption noting “15,000 roentgens +1.”

Prior to her parents paying for her trip, Wilson attempted to crowdfund it, leaving no less than six posts on the Mullumbimby community Facebook page. In the post, Wilson claimed that “influencing” Chernobyl was “tired,” and wanted to travel to Fukushima while it was “still cool” and “before the losers got there and ruined it.”

A representative nearby Ōkuma hospital, where Wilson was carried to, expressed disappointment in her actions, noting that a crochet romper and a floppy hat offered “little protection” against the radioactive conditions within the exclusion zone.

Wilson is apparently close to death, which has been met positively by the influencer community, who are now looking to crowdfund a mass photoshoot at the nuclear plant as a sign of respect.


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