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What Next Now: Uncovering and Unlocking the Things That Hold Us Back

In the next episode of the What Next Now podcast, we meet Angie Ford, a medal-winning swimmer turned performance coach who focuses on mindset training.


With a focus on women in the workforce, the new podcast What Next Now continues with its latest episode featuring an in-depth conversation with Angie Ford, a high-performance coach who is fascinated by mindset training.

Hosts Elissa Dowler and Tam Henry spoke to her about her background, how she began as a competitive swimmer in her teens, and how her training to remain focused on what she could achieve led her to become a high-performance coach for actors, politicians, and athletes alike.

Angie’s main focus is on mindset training, which she describes as a process of getting to know yourself.

“Ultimately,” she said, “it’s managing your physical, mental, and emotional state so you can achieve, create whatever you want.”

To Angie, not a lot has changed over time when it comes to mindset training, but there are key aspects of it which have gotten more acute over time.

“To be able to listen honestly and allow what’s happening in your body; if you’re sad? You’re sad. Be sad. It’s okay. It’s about listening to that rather than saying ‘I shouldn’t be sad.’ It’s really powerful to be able to say, ‘I’m finding this hard,’ and the real magic comes in when it’s combined with what you want to create.”

Angie’s experiences with mindset training date back to when she was a competitive swimmer – for her, it was about training her mind to know where it was she was putting her attention.


Angie’s main focus is on mindset training, which she describes as a process of getting to know yourself.


“A freelancing gig is exactly what you need,” she said, “because you can be in a constant state of build and pass it on to be maintained by the company [you’re working for]. Mindset training is about what you can do, not what you can’t.”

The conversation also covered the importance of human connections.

“The magic of coaching,” says Angie, “is great leadership. We tend to focus a lot on tools, techniques, strategies, systems – they’re fabulous – but the ‘bass note’ in the song is the human connection, and how impactful it can be on an outcome.”

When hosts Elissa and Tam asked Angie about what journey she takes to get a client “back on track,” the key turns out to be as simple as listening.

“Listening is pretty rare,” Angie said. “I can hear where they’re putting their attention.”

The conversation also went into fears of public speaking – all too common, and how Angie sees the importance found in sharing and connecting; and, of significant importance, are the values we hold.

“If you really care about people, and you’re there to share something important, ‘getting’ will be hard if you don’t really care.”

She also mentioned the benefits of her own experience as an athlete when it comes to focusing on the positive aspects of your efforts, rather than when you failed.

“How often do we do that? We focus on the fall, as a metaphor: what’s going to go wrong, just in case …. Just to be able to sit where you might be focusing, it might be very helpful to give yourself permission to change what you’re focusing on. You’ll know it’s unhelpful because you’ll feel it. Your body will be de-energized by focusing on it, it may feel ‘tight,’ you might feel anxious. If you’re unsure, just talk it out with someone so you can identify whether it is worth focusing on or not.”



What Next Now launched on Monday, August 12th, 2019. This podcast featuring Viona Young is the latest of the first series of six to be released, designed to help listeners forge their career pathway to purpose and wealth. The show is aiming to help people discover what they want to do next so they can live the life they want to live.

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