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Trump Impeachment Heats Up As Quid Pro Quo Confirmed

America’s European ambassador confirmed that Donald Trump did indeed push the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden or their military aid would be cut.


While the rest of the world rubs their hands together over the prospect of Donald Trump’s impeachment, Americans are not so sure.

An important part of Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry is figuring out who said what to who. The picture became slightly clearer as America’s ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, confirmed that there was indeed a quid pro quo present during Trump’s phone call to the Ukraine.

In regular English, it confirms that Donald told the Ukrainians to investigate the son of Joe Biden or risk funding from the Trump administration.

According to Sondland, it was Rudy Giuliani who was pushing for the deal at the behest of Donald Trump.

“We did not want to work with Giuliani,” the ambassador testified, but noted that all Ukraine issues were redirected to Trump’s personal lawyer with the command “talk with Rudy.” Sondland said he was following Presidential orders from that point forward.

One of the expected stars of the impeachment inquiry, Sondland told the panel that he raised the issue to VP Mike Pence, in that he was concerned that the military aid was “being tied” to the Biden investigation. “Everyone was in the loop … it was an open secret,” Sondland said.

Back in September, a PBS poll of 864 Americans discovered that only 49% approve of the impeachment inquiry brought forward by the Democrats. Of those polled, 36% were democrat voters, 29% republican, and 35% voted independent.

It’s also worth noting that the largest portion of those polled saw themselves as moderates.

Further to that point, the pollsters were split over the matter of the inquiry (Donald’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky) as either a serious matter (50%) or just everyday politics (48%).

On that note, the poll regarding if the Senate doesn’t convict and Trump, 49% believed that impeachment is a waste of time, and 47% said it should carry on regardless.


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