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CDC to Create New “Department of Karens” to Help Fight Pandemic

(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, photo by James Gathany, public domain)

In an effort to contain the coronavirus, the CDC has enlisted an army of keyboard warriors named Karen.


The CDC is pulling out all the stops to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, including opening a brand new department consisting of nothing but people named Karen.

“If we have learned one thing from this outbreak, it’s that internet commenters, especially those named Karen, know how to defeat this pandemic much better than we do.”

On almost all stories, articles, tweets, and posts about the coronavirus pandemic, there are numerous people posting comments who clearly know better than doctors and scientists on how to beat a pandemic.

“The CDC cannot be trusted,” tweeted Karen O’Neill.

“Warm weather will naturally kill this virus. We just need to wait for the summer,” according to Karen Newbury on Facebook.

“Essential oils and an adjustment from your chiropractor can cure almost anything, including coronavirus,” claims chiropractor Karen Nelson.

According to sources at the CDC, the new department will open immediately—provided they can find enough unqualified yet overconfident people named Karen.


This article was first published on The Science Post and is reprinted with permission.


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