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Life Is a Sweet, Tender Bruise XXXI: Always Question the Official Narrative

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John Michael continues his series Life Is a Sweet, Tender Bruise, reflecting on life and people encountered, questioning the official narrative and stats during this pandemic.


If you don’t do what we say, you or someone in your family might die.

That is scary stuff, my friends, and may be true in the case of COVID-19, we shall see over time. I live with and care for my aging mom and members of my family often remind me that I could be responsible for her death, God Bless them.

My belief at the moment is that there is COVID-19, it is rough but not as deadly as they say, and that it actually came through this area (Inland North West) in December or so. I was sicker than usual this flu season and I know a lot of other people were as well.

As a people, we are generally, and you can see this throughout human history, fear-based, shamed-based, and want-to-control-each-other-based people. Christ and other prophets and religions are trying to coax us into being a love- and truth-based people and, honestly, we have made a lot of progress.

Unfortunately, there are some evil folks still left in the world that want to rule the world, and they are experts at coming up with ways of scaring people as a means of controlling people and bending them to their will. Is that the case with what is happening today? I do not know.

What I do know is that the CDC and WHO are not your friends. The CDC’s partners-in-crime Big Pharma make a lot of money from vaccines and medications.

I do know in this COVID-19 case, the CDC’s tests were faulty. And flu tests are only 50-70% accurate anyway, because I read medical journals that told me so. I also know that Italy walked back their “deaths due to COVID-19” count by 78% based on the actual death certificates. So, we have no idea what the actual numbers are. The CDC also just admitted they are counting anyone who died while having coronavirus that they died due to coronavirus. I’m sure they rationalize it well. Most honest-number folks say the death rate is far less than 1% and close to the flu numbers we get every year.

I’ve always questioned the official narrative but became even more suspicious after I called the Executive Director of Street Roots in Portland, Oregon [a homeless advocacy group and weekly alternative newspaper]. She said none of the Street Roots team had COVID-19 and she had not heard of one homeless person who had it either [two people have since tested positive, as reported by Street Roots]. That pushed my alarm button into overdrive. Homeless people always have the sniffles from poor diet, drug use, and too little sleep … that no one has it? Seems impossible. My guess is that it came through already and they just rode it out, like they do everything else.


I want to encourage those with differing opinions to share them, despite the backlash you may encounter.


2018 was a rough flu year in the USA as well, and the number of deaths then were 4,000 a week, much higher than COVID-19. I also ran across a New York Times article on April 6th that said heart attack and stroke patients were way down in New York. One explanation I saw was that hospitals get federal dollars for COVID-19 cases, so a lot of patients are getting that label.

I did a local interview with a public health nurse from my state and he said that COVID-19 acts in the body in a similar way to the flu. But, notice, you can’t call it the “flu,” because evidently that doesn’t scare people enough. “COVID-19” and “pandemic” are much scarier when shouted by national reporters.

Here is the other side of the problem as well: anyone who questions the official narrative gets shamed and shouted down, not only by the media, but by friends and neighbors who believe the narrative.

My suspicions are, with a lot of the numbers and stats that are published, people and healthcare workers believe something ain’t adding up. They don’t say anything, because they get shamed and shouted down, or their articles and videos get removed from the internet or labeled as conspiracy. So, any real questioning gets kept out of the discussion. And information like “poor numbers” and “bad tests” never get seen.

So, folks, let’s allow our naysayers and conspirators to have their say. You don’t have to agree but take a look at the information and avoid dismissing, shaming, and yelling at them so that the truth of things can emerge at a faster rate. Many people believe we are getting sick from the new 5g phone stuff. I have not looked at it yet, but I ain’t dismissing it because it seems farfetched.

I want to encourage those with differing opinions to share them, despite the backlash you may encounter. And if this thing really takes off, I’m going to have to eat more than a little crow.

What is the reason behind all this, if indeed it has been blown out of proportion? My thought is that they want to amend the Constitution to limit our right to Peacefully assemble. Keep people afraid of each other and isolated from each other and they are a lot easier to control.

Some people in high places may honestly be trying to crash the economy. I heard an NPR report that a quarter of small businesses won’t be seeing the other side of this thing. I find that very sad. Any time something goes sour in the economy, including The Great Depression, the super-rich end up even richer and the rest of us are either a little or a lot poorer.


John Michael

Hello, good people. I am rarely sure how to describe myself. If I say I am a Christian, many things may arise in your mind that ain't necessarily so. I was homeless for seven years and learned more about myself in that stretch of time than in any other segment of my life. I read the Bible a lot out there and came across a passage in Proverbs that has shaped my approach to life: "A man's pursuit is his kindness." I am well educated with a Master of Social Work degree and have worked a wide variety of jobs in my 52 years. None have lasted too long however. When I was homeless, the beauty of Texas wildflowers made me decide to want to live again. Along with kindness, beauty, play, and self-expression are life-guiding ideas. My shadow contains things like feeling sorry for myself, a truckload of defiance, a desperate need to please women, and no small amount of cruelty. A quote from Luke also has had a lasting effect on me: "For God is kind to the ungrateful and the evil." When I read that I thought, "Hell, I have got a fighting chance." I am here to tell you, you have a fighting chance as well. Besides Christianity, practicing Buddhist and Shamanic techniques inform my relationship to God and the world.

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