James Jay Edwards

Butt Boy Is Not What You Expect, Yet Exactly What You Expect

(Butt Boy, Epic Pictures Group)

James Jay Edwards reviews Butt Boy, an unusual crime thriller movie that is co-written, directed, and stars Tyler Cornack. 


A couple of weeks back, a movie called Swallow about a woman who eats weird things was released. Now, we’ve got an opposite movie. Just as the title implies, Butt Boy is about a guy who, well, sticks things up his butt.

Butt Boy is about an IT guy named Chip Gutchell (Tyler Cornack) who, after a routine prostate exam, decides that he enjoys the sensation of having things in his rectum. So, he keeps shoving things up there. At first, it’s small objects like a little bar of soap. Then, he graduates to television remote controls. Soon enough, he’s fitting things in his anus that shouldn’t be humanly impossible. And this all happens before the opening credits of the movie even roll.


(Butt Boy, theatrical release poster, Epic Pictures Group)

Chip is also a recovering alcoholic, and he is chosen to sponsor a new AA member named Russel Fox (Tyler Rice) who happens to be a police detective. On “bring your kid to work day” at Chip’s office, a child disappears, and Russel is brought in to head up the investigation. Russel begins to put the pieces together, and his suspicions are not only horrific, but—spoiler alert—right on target.

In a way, Butt Boy is precisely the movie that you think it is going to be. Even though you hope and pray while watching that it isn’t going to go there, it does. And while it may tease that it isn’t, it’s always perfectly clear that it is going there, to the audience’s complete disgust (and amusement). There’s always the question of “what the hell is going on with this movie?” But, deep down, the viewer knows the answer to that question from a very early stage.


(Butt Boy, Epic Pictures Group)

But Butt Boy is also not the movie that you think it’s going to be. The driving forces behind Butt Boy are writer/director/lead actor Tyler Cornack and writer/producer Ryan Koch (the multi-talented pair also contributed the score, which, while a bit repetitive, is borderline brilliant). The two creative geniuses readily admit that Butt Boy started off as a joke, but the final treatment and execution is anything but. Whereas another filmmaking team might have taken a slapstick approach to the off-the-wall concept, Cornack and Koch play it straight, so the whole thing has a serious, hard-boiled crime drama tone to it. Only, it’s about a dude who sticks stuff up his butt. The absurdity exists in the overall premise, but it doesn’t play a huge part in the actual filmmaking. Butt Boy never cracks its smile, not even when it reaches its inevitable conclusion.

So, Butt Boy is both exactly what you’d expect and not at all what you’d expect from a movie called Butt Boy. It’s both a police procedural and a supervillain origin story. It’s both silly and serious. But the one thing that it is not is conventional. It may take you right to where you think it’s going to take you, but it’s still to a place that you’ve never seen before. And one that you most likely won’t ever see again.



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