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American Charged With Terror Offense After Licking Toiletries

(Photo by Nathan Van de Graaf on Unsplash)

Perhaps proving that America remains the greatest producer of stupid, one citizen was charged with a terror threat after he licked toiletries in Walmart.


Terrorism revisited the streets of America as one Missouri native named Cody Pfister was charged with making a terror threat after he posted a video of himself licking a bunch of deodorants in a Walmart, asking, “Who’s afraid of the coronavirus?”

“This particular video, which won’t be shared here, has gained some international attention and we have received numerous reports about the video from locals, nearby residents, as well as people from the Netherlands, Ireland, and the United Kingdom,” the City of Warrenton Police Department said in a Facebook post. “We take these complaints very seriously and would like to thank all of those who reported the video so the issue could be addressed.”

The Warren County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office stated that the individual was charged with making a terrorist threat in the second degree.

According to Missouri law, the charge is defined as: “(a person that) recklessly disregards the risk of causing the evacuation, quarantine, or closure of any portion of a building, infrastructure, etc. and knowingly … communicates an express or implied threat to cause an incident or condition involving danger to life.” It’s classed as a low-level felony.

Pfister “knowingly caused a false belief or fear that a condition involving danger to life existed,” court documents state, acting “with reckless disregard of the risk causing the evacuation, quarantine, or closure of any portion” of Walmart, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch noted.


An unnamed also Wisconsonian licked the door handle of a freezer to “protest” against the pandemic as a staff member manager was disinfecting it.


This is not the only instance of combating COVID through the medium of mouth germs, as Newsweek reported that a Wisconsinite licked the door handle of a freezer to “protest” against the pandemic as the store manager was disinfecting the door handles.

While I’m not entirely sure what the basis of her protest was or how effective it may have been, the police were quickly dispatched to the supermarket.

In for a penny, in for a stupid pound, and the licking-things-to-mock-the-coronavirus-to-get-the-coronavirus trend has reached Instagram, in a tableau, as Insider put it: “An influencer filmed herself in a plane toilet licking the seat as part of a ‘coronavirus challenge.’” This quickly spread on social media with people taking part in licking car handles, public toilets, and more.

These “challenges” are obviously dangerous, and not just because you yourself may develop COVID-19. SARS-CoV-2 is suspected to survive on certain surfaces for up to three days, which means you may be responsible for spreading it without knowing it to hundreds of other people.


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