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Meet a CEO: Anthony Stevens, 6clicks

We sat down with 6clicks CEO Anthony Stevens to discuss his company’s innovative free mobile app which promises to globally revolutionize governance, risk, and compliance.


Hello Anthony, can you tell our audience about your journey so far?

I started my career in a cybersecurity technical role and moved up to be CIO of Dimension Data (now NTT). From there, I spent time in mergers and acquisitions, running business units, as well as other leadership roles.

More recently, and before founding 6clicks, I was the Chief Digital Officer for KPMG and was responsible for taking IP across the firm and baking it into the software. We had some great success around the world, and it was interesting to see a services business tackle and use the software in the delivery of their services.


What’s the history behind the latest addition to 6clicks’ suite, the mobile app “6clicks Risk Review For Teams?”

Risk Review For Teams, or RR4T, is designed for directors, senior execs, and project management folk to help manage the process of risk identification and assessment.

The 6clicks web app has been in the market since mid-last year, assisting enterprise and government customers with risk and compliance management challenges. It’s also “white labelled,” so it provides a great opportunity for service providers as well – consultants and managed services providers.

But the mobile app is for risk identification and assessments across teams. Despite its importance, we found the process of identifying risks and undertaking an assessment as a team for most businesses was still very much a manual process. Also, it wasn’t being done as a team, being biased as it was by people with particular influence, so not as data-driven as is necessary.


What process does the app follow?

The app’s process is so easy our reviewers have dubbed it fondly “Tinder for Risk!”

First, you set up your review, using any of our over 5,000 risks and relationships across nine risk libraries, including cybersecurity, board risks, business continuity, and more. Users can create their own risk collections and enable them inside the app, then simply swipe right or left to identify risks relevant to their company or process.

Team members are then invited to give input, which is what makes the app shine. It’s the wisdom of the crowd in this app that addresses the big missing aspect of traditional risk management.

Once identified, participants’ personal view on each risk impact and likelihood is included; this is easily done with drop-down ratings. Once done, presto! Your risk register and risk matrix will arrive in your inbox ready for your next meeting or presentation.

Best of all, the app is free to use.


Cyber incidents are in the Top 10 global business risks charts. What are the key cybersecurity issues facing companies in the 2020s, and how would you mitigate them?

The fact is that new cyber risks arise all the time. There’s no “single” risk. So keeping track of and managing related compliance responsibilities is vital.

Our advice is that companies need to assess risk at a point of time, but, more importantly, ensure they integrate programs and have sufficient tools to maintain and improve their security posture over time, ensuring the impact to their business of any incident is as minimal and manageable as possible.


In the industry, they say not all risk attitudes are created equal. How does 6clicks’ mobile app help companies of all sizes understand and manage risk?

The first thing is identification – whether you are on the board of a company or running a division or a project and/or office, risk is everywhere.

To start, you need to consider risks that are relevant to you. We found that people struggle to think of risks in the abstract, but are infinitely more effective when presented with a library or risks.

We’ve made the process of risk identification easy and fun, so through the process, users build awareness and knowledge. Then, during the process of assessment (i.e., impact and likelihood), the objective is to get people talking about their perspectives on risks as a team. The app supports that process by providing users with assessment data from across their team to help facilitate a discussion and hopefully reach a consensus.

Risk management is about people and awareness – getting insights from people, helping them understand what’s relevant to their business, and how they and the business might be impacted by various risks.



6clicks is a revolutionary Software as a Service (SaaS) platform enabling companies to automate vital risk assessment, compliance, and ISMS processes. In April 2020, the company launched its free mobile app, “6clicks Risk Review For Teams,” enabling stakeholders globally to identify and assess risk at a team and organizational level quickly and easily, generating a powerful risk matrix in a matter of clicks.


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