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COVID-19 Has Given Rise to Food Combinations You Will Not Believe

Proving that necessity is the mother of invention and that 2020 is the end of days, odd food combinations are taking root on Instagram. We hope you skipped lunch.


Britain’s infamous Marmite, the spread known to cause sharp divides, has now released its flavored hummus. The product is comprised of chickpeas cooked with Marmite, tahini sesame seed paste, lemon juice from concentrate, and garlic purée. Lord, why?

The creation was apparently inspired by a Twitter post in March. The user posted a picture of Marmite and hummus on toast. The company retweeted the photo with the comment “Marmite and hummus anyone?”



It’s not the first controversial concoction involving Marmite—the brand raised eyebrows last year when it released Marmite peanut butter, its first new permanent offering in over a century.

Big-time brands aren’t the only ones dabbling in weird food combinations either. With the world forced into self-isolation, facing boredom, and a lack of ingredients, individuals are coming up with some weird food combinations, and the Instagram hashtag #WeirdFoodCombinations has been going off.

First up, breakfast. Pretzels make for a great cereal substitute.


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One of my favorite cereal ever. #weirdfoodcombinations #yummy

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If you’re after a more conservative option, perhaps the peanut butter jelly with cheese sandwich is more up your alley. God help you.


Too boring? Have you considered Nutella and Nacho Cheese Doritos on rice cakes?


Dinner time: baked beans, pasta, and eggs.



Finish it off with a tasty chocolate cake and cheesy nacho combo.



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