Jules Evans

It’s Happened Before: When New Age Thinking and Extremist Conspiracy Theory Collide

(Photo by Samuel Austin on Unsplash)

The Nazis were also convinced that society was secretly under attack by an elite class of monsters. Sound familiar?


After the trauma of defeat in World War I and the despair of the depression, Germany experienced a big occult revival. Germans turned to magical solutions for their problems, and that brought the “occulture” into the mainstream.

Like other gurus, Hitler was a malignant narcissist, willing to lead the entire nation to death and destruction rather than back down and admit his magical prophecies of a thousand-year Reich were fantasy.


Jules Evans

Jules Evans is a Fellow @ Centre for the History of the Emotions, the author of Philosophy for Life, The Art of Losing Control, Holiday from the Self, and his latest book, Breaking Open.

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