Christy Powers

A Nation’s New Dawn

(U.S. Army photo by Elizabeth Fraser / Arlington National Cemetery / released, public domain)

As America turns the page on a dark period, Christy Powers contemplates fresh chances for honest change and renewed hope for our country.


With the dawn of this new day, hope inaugurates a new chance for our republic to rebuild the trust we have lost.

A new president preaching for unity over division, and a disgraced former president losing the honor of addressing us at all. Democracy still stands, waving its flags goodbye to hate as it falls to become a welcomed past.

Healing can start developing a scab over our wounded Union, surviving an historic test that attempted to overturn the will of the people and the fabric of truth itself.

History became Herstory, as a glass ceiling is finally shattered, birthing new dreams while an audience of rainbow-hued Americans watch with pride.

Science and knowledge are called upon to ground our faith again, as lies no longer live in the people’s house.


 With the dawn of this new day, hope inaugurates a new chance for our republic to rebuild the trust we have lost.


Truth has finally powered through a ridiculous “war on facts” to restore the importance of reality and destroy conspiracy. The people’s vote was honored and heeded by its elected government, even in the face of terroristic citizens who were fed so much misinformation that it fooled them into a false reality.

Love is asking for patriotism to get another chance to proudly stand taller, humbly learning from the recent attack, that a nation cannot, nor should not, ever take its freedom for granted.

If we now pledge allegiance to this new chance, we can restore honor and respect to our UNITED States of America.

If we strive for a new nation under God that truly embraces and understands brother and sisterhood as humanity’s best chance, we will continue to be a light to this world.

Choice can be our greatest tool, or our greatest knife.

More than ever, history, and now herstory, has their eyes on us.

May God bless this time, this era with healing grace and growth for our country as we get to work relighting the torch of liberty, and seeking justice for all.


Christy Powers

Christy is an aspiring writer and professional event and meeting director. When asked, “What ten things she could not live without?” She graciously replied, “Stereo speakers, art, laughter, a camera, playfulness, her family, playlists for any mood, faith, Billie Holiday or Chris Stapleton, and a warm smile.” She also has an unquenched passion for music, quotes, and a funny obsession with llamas and the color orange.

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