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Feet Up at a Trial: The Proud Boy Who Might Be President

(Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), U.S. Senate Photographic Studio, Rebecca Hammel, public domain)

The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump was not so much about dismissing the previous GOP president, but rather finding the next one for 2024.


Josh Hawley is the junior Senator from Missouri. He’s the current poster boy for Liberal outrage for his actions around and during the Capitol Insurrection of January 6, 2021. During the recent impeachment trial of Donald Trump, he’s again been singled out for his “louche” behavior during the proceedings. No one can figure him out. A graduate of Harvard and Stanford, and an ex clerk to Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, what’s this guy, with his breeding, doing strutting with the Proud Boys, playing footsie with QAnon? What’s going through this guy’s head?


Disclaimer: This rumination is pure speculation, a fictional account that in no way is meant to be accurate mapping of Mr. Hawley’s thinking. Then again …


I need to think this through. I want some visible way of saying, “I have utter disdain for all of this” without being too shrill or too obviously on the side of the insurrection or the conspiracy nuts (disturbed people but my own “useful idiots”). Of course, there’s little doubt as to the facts of this. Trump obviously incited that crowd to attack the Capitol and it’s kind of funny to see Democrats and other hand-wringers get hung up on that.

It’s also funny to see Trump’s folks twist in the wind. (Can you imagine what Donald would do if the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers actually showed up at Mar-a-Lago hoping to be welcomed? Maybe ushered in for a round of golf, a swim, and dinner with The Man? What a joke. The reality is, Trump would recoil in disgust.)

Anyway, no one’s looking at this properly. That is, as lines of force bending to the real game: power; the central truth of getting and staying in power, that’s THE thing, the only thing. All the fancy ideas, position papers, policy prescriptions, lofty goals for the country mean nothing if you don’t have power. So, getting it is the sole point. Trump’s out. He’s politically dead. Now, it’s the long game. This impeachment trial is just one move on the board.

I’d not sit on the Senate floor during the “trial” with all the others but sit up in the Gallery. Because of the pandemic, it’ll be empty and nothing says I have to be on the floor, just “in the chambers.” It’ll be noticed. It’ll automatically set me apart. I can even put my feet up, maybe go through papers like I’m bored and checked out. That’ll draw maximum attention and, of course, drive the liberal media nuts. It’ll solidify my inroads into securing, inheriting Trump’s base while not totally aligning myself with the crazies. Of course, I’ll have to vote to acquit, that goes without saying. Too bad for the Dems and their House Impeachment Managers. They’ll do a fantastic job, I’m sure – if they don’t they should be sued. This case is easy and obvious. But, who cares? Hardly the point.



Once this brief impeachment deal is done and dusted, months from now, I can make appropriate noises to let the center of the Party know that, secretly, I am still that privileged, white, Ivy League-trained lawyer and ex-Supreme Court clerk they thought I was all along. The person who can straddle these two wings of the GOP, the establishment, and the nut jobs will be the one primed to take it over. Cruz is thinking like this as well, but he’s a nullity; already known as the “most hated man in the Senate.”

No one wants to see this guy get anywhere. He’s guilty by reasons of personality. High school rules apply here. Nikki Haley’s the one to watch out for. What to do about her is up next.



The long game is the Presidency and, starting on November 3rd, with the 2020 election already in the rearview mirror, everything becomes a move in the chess game that is the GOP nomination in 2024.



So, yes, everything is conscious; everything needs to be thought through; sitting up in the gallery, noticeable, but ultimately up to interpretation is a knight to f3.

My pawn to e4 was during the “insurrection” itself (Ruy Lopez open. Look it up). Before that day it was, “Who is Josh Hawley?” After? “Let me tell you what I think about Josh Hawley.” I’m already a baby step away from being simply “Josh.”



Let the games begin.


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