Paul McDermott

The Last Dream of the Anti-Vaxxer

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It’s 2027, and we’re waking to meet a new day. The anti-vaxxers have won their battles against the vaccine, and the world is better for it.


On the 13th of January, in the year 2027, the World of the Woke awakened to the news that the anti-vaxxers were right. Every major news service carried the story across all platforms. It was all anyone could read about, all anyone could talk about, the only news to tweet: a watershed moment in human existence.

The battle of the anti-vaxxer against LEFTIST INJECTABLE BIOWEAPONS, so undeservedly mocked by medical professionals and attacked by members of a volatile press with obvious agendas, had been just. They had been vindicated.

And the people of Earth realized these incredibly brave souls deserved a place in the pantheon of our greatest heroes, and not the relentless ridicule to which they’d been subjected.

The days following “The Awareness” were dreamy, light-filled days of happiness and splendor and picnics.

The descendants of the Original Anti-Vaxxers physically tore the masks from our mouths while metaphorically tearing the blinkers from our eyes as they opened our minds to the glorious possibility of PERSONAL FREEDOM for EVERYONE.

THE SHEEPLE (a term invented by clever language-twisting anti-vaxxers for those living under the delusion “science” and “medicine” might save them) were ashamed, for if not for the sacrifice of those few anti-lockdown, anti-vaxxer FREEDOM FIGHTERS we wouldn’t know what we now know we know we know.


THE SHEEPLE … were ashamed, for if not for the sacrifice of those few anti-lockdown, anti-vaxxer FREEDOM FIGHTERS we wouldn’t know what we now know we know we know.


These were everyday people, ordinary men and women, but mainly men, who did their OWN RESEARCH. TRUE FACT! The first truly independent thinkers of the 21st Century defied respected institutions, refused to be swayed by logic, and gifted everyone the right to choose their own FREEDOM, to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted – as long as it included not having any VACCINATIONS.

Doctors, nurses, front-line workers, scientists, and intellectual elites, who’d been unknowing participants in the GLOBAL CONSPIRACY, humbly apologized for their mistakes. Shortly after this humiliating announcement, they were marched out to a wall and executed for their crimes.

Jubilation and joy spread throughout the world at these public displays of justice. The last thing the new world needed was the remnants of the old guard with their book learning and university courses and ideas and concepts and centuries of accumulated knowledge.

TODAY WAS A DAY OF CELEBRATION. Everyone was finally out of their homes. And they were all here, densely packed on both sides of the road, stretching as far as the eye could see.

There were weddings on every corner and in every park, and marching bands playing triumphant tunes while high overhead a plane wrote a simple THANK YOU across the heavens.


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From the outdoor tables at overcrowded pubs, people screamed their appreciation. Children sat on their fathers’ shoulders hoping to get a glimpse of the anti-vaxxers: the men and women who’d saved the world.

In the high buildings on either side of the parade, people jostled for space in the windows or stood proudly, defiantly on balconies and ledges and waved.

It had been the battle of a lifetime, but it was over now. A chant rose, as rhythmic as a heartbeat, and it rippled and swelled until it filled the air, every face overcome by the emotion of the moment.

“You were right. You were right.”

There was not a mask to be seen. There was no social distancing. People were free. Free at last.

Ribbons, tinsel, and ticker tape fell from the buildings, and it broke the light into fragments that danced across the backs of eyes. The muddled chorus of voices drifted until they were echoes of echoes sounding distant, and yet familiar, and everywhere was suffused with a rush of glorious golden light.


The nurse moved as quietly and efficiently as he could. He adjusted the bed, removing the respirator and various cannulas.

He turned to the family. “I can give you a little bit of time,” he said, “but it won’t be long. I’m so sorry, but we really need the room.”

The eldest boy held his mother’s hand, as the other children crowded around them. “At least he died doing what he loved,” he said, “refusing vaccines.”

The family watched the still figure in the bed for as long as they were allowed, and then the eldest boy reached out and turned off the Zoom.


Paul McDermott

Paul McDermott is, without doubt, one of the most successful and popular performing artists Australia has ever produced. With a career spanning nearly 40 years, he has remained at the forefront of the Australian entertainment industry. In this time, Paul has proved to be one of the most versatile entertainers and artists in Australian history. His career spans writing and presenting national radio and television programs. In the comedy arena, he has performed sold-out shows in Melbourne, Adelaide, Montreal, and Edinburgh to both public and critical acclaim. In recent years, Paul has distinguished himself in the arena of film. He is also an accomplished visual artist.

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