Jeff Reese

Pfffffft: Caucus This

Jeff Reese walks us through what the caucus process in Colorado was like on Super Tuesday.   The Ambien and trazodone are about to come on … the ability to type is being hampered. I can feel my brain slowing down. In the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson (let’s call this “bozo journalism” instead), I decided this may be the best way to relay the ... Read the full article
Jeff Reese

Jeff Reese is a blue-collar socialist living in Colorado. He’s worked his adult life in the automotive industry fixing, as he puts it, “broken shit.” And he loves fly-fishing.

Interview with Eric Parker, Part II: The Bird Sanctuary

As Jason Arment continues to interview “The Bundy Sniper,” Eric Parker, their conversation turns to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff, regarding who and what was taking place there.

16 Songs for February 2016

Jesse Valencia burns you a new mixtape of 16 songs to close the month of February 2016.