Kevin Pimbblet

First Black Hole Photo Confirms Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

History’s first photograph of a black hole proves both the march of our technology and Einstein’s famous theory of relativity.    Black holes are longtime superstars of science fiction. But their Hollywood fame is a little strange given that no one has ever actually seen one – at least, until now. If you needed to see to believe, then thank the Read the full article
Kevin Pimbblet

Kevin Pimbblet is an experienced observational astronomer whose core research interests cover a number of modern topics in extra-galactic astrophysics, large-scale structure of the Universe and cosmology. These include: •Galaxy formation, environment, and evolution over cosmologically significant timescales; •Stellar populations inside galaxies and their response to their physical environments; •Clusters and superclusters of galaxies, their kinematics, constituents, and growth; •Brightest galaxy cluster members (e.g. cD galaxies) and dwarfs; •Filaments of galaxies that stretch between galaxy clusters and topology; •Large, wide-field and deep redshift surveys of the sky. Along the way, he has also contributed to a number of related and diverse research fields that include: •Astronomical image processing and automated galaxy classification; •The virtual observatory project and catalog matching; •Quasar detection and evolution; •Dark energy and its influence on our cosmological model; •Astrophysics and physics education; •Random number generation, statistics, statistical methods, scientific sociology, and game theory. His research and teaching have taken him to a number of positions worldwide, including undertaking his PhD at Durham University, and subsequent positions at the University of Queensland, Monash University, a fellowship at the University of Oxford, and more recently the University of Hull.

Dear Grandson: Big Wheels, Bubba, Bumper Stickers, and 29 Palms

In his latest “Dear Grandson,” Stan Gerding shares about his son’s Big Wheel, Tee ball, bumper stickers, and an operation in the desert of 29 Palms.