Kumud M. Srinivasan

One May Night in Mumbai

(Photo by Cory Doctorow, Creative Commons)
Kumud M. Srinivasan is well-traveled internationally. In this essay, she describes one precarious night spent in the Mumbai Airport while trying to get home.   Once every eight to ten weeks, I flew to the US for a check-in with “headquarters.” I was in India after a gap of more than thirty years, having made the US my home once I went there for ... Read the full article
Kumud M. Srinivasan

Kumud is an aspiring writer and a general manager in Intel Corporation. Her stints at Intel include a three-year assignment in India as head of operations. She serves on the board of a digital network technology company, and as the industry rep on the Indo-US Science & Technology Foundation. She mentors students of Georgetown’s Executive Education program. Kumud recently acquired a Master’s degree in creative writing.