Andrew Wicks

Speaking as a Parent (and a Gamer), We Parents Need to Chill about Gaming

As a gamer and a parent, I feel we need to heavily salt the negative sensationalism about gaming. Our kids are not at risk. In fact, quite the opposite.   Like all great Empires that came before it, Fortnite is sweeping away the remnants of old. Think of the Byzantines who built great structures of wood and stone and they too participated in ... Read the full article
Andrew Wicks

Andrew Wicks is a country boy with a penchant for movies and sport. After a few years working in health, he decided he'd rather work with today's youth and studied arts and education in rural NSW. His main interests are religion, health, and lairy shirts.

How Cops Used a Public Genealogy Database to Catch the Golden State Killer

With the infamous Golden State Killer finally caught, it was mostly thanks to a freely available genealogy library, much the same as your bored aunt uses to fill in the family history.