Zeb Holmes

97% of New Deepfakes Are Pornographic, Experts Believe Revenge Porn Will Spike

While the deepfake video is now part of the zeitgeist, it ultimately also represents the evolution of something far darker: revenge porn.   The internet has changed the world, facilitating instant access to vast amounts of information through a few clicks of the keyboard, enabling the creation of public personas, making it easier to find and connect with ... Read the full article
Zeb Holmes

Zeb Holmes is a journalist and paralegal working on claims for institutional abuse. He has a passion for social justice and criminal law reform, and is a member of the content team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

Forced Organ Harvesting in China Is Six Times What the Government Claims

After a yearlong investigation, a panel has found that instances of forcible organ transplants are far higher than what the Chinese government has previously stated.

The Most Shocking Secrets of Corporate America and Global Finance Exposed

Verónica Pamoukaghlián reads and compares two important books about the world of finance and corporate cover-ups and discovers disturbing parallels.