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A Man Dressed As Wario Started the Great Bitcoin Crash of 2021

(Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash)
Years from now, we’ll be asked to define the great bitcoin crash of 2021. The one started by a rich man’s attempt to be funny, one that devalued something based on an internet meme.   Bitcoin is the latest in a line of get-rich-quick schemes where the majority were not quick enough to get rich. Yet, this week offered us a sniff of the market, before the door ... Read the full article

Meet a FinTech influencer: Chen Lahav, CLC

To FinTech influencer Chen Lahav, while the industry has navigated COVID, it now must evolve in order to survive.   We sat down with FinTech influencer Chen Lahav, who has been leading technology and professionals in the FinTech domain for more than two decades. We spoke to the Israel-born, Sydney-based expert about the industry’s current