Kane X. Faucher

The Pursuit of Online Likes Leaves Us Empty—Here’s Why

Well, it's official. Those who are looking to ride the back of the "like" to a life of wealth and fame are wasting their time. Sorry.   Imagine a popular social media channel that did not display the number of “likes,” mentions, impressions, followers, engagements, or any other metric to show how many times one’s content has been viewed, by whom and ... Read the full article
Kane X. Faucher

Kane X. Faucher teaches political economy of information and social media. His background was initially in metaphysics and continental philosophy. He has about twenty peer-reviewed articles to his credit and two monographs.

How Cops Used a Public Genealogy Database to Catch the Golden State Killer

With the infamous Golden State Killer finally caught, it was mostly thanks to a freely available genealogy library, much the same as your bored aunt uses to fill in the family history.