Jasmin Newman

Instead of Banning Opinion, We Should Ban Censorship

(Milo Yiannopoulos, Creative Commons)
With Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter freely swinging their ban hammer, I think we need to talk about censorship.   If there was a book called Propaganda for Dummies, it would comprise of statements like, “All propaganda must not explore objectivity or relativity. It must not apply scientific theory or evidence. It must always present only the ... Read the full article
Jasmin Newman

Jasmin Newman is a Relationships Coach who has specialized in helping men who are going through high conflict divorce and separation, so they can move on confidently with their lives after a relationship breakdown. She is a mother of two and lives on the South Coast of NSW.

Forced Organ Harvesting in China Is Six Times What the Government Claims

After a yearlong investigation, a panel has found that instances of forcible organ transplants are far higher than what the Chinese government has previously stated.

The Brutal Calculator Wars of the ’70s Gave Us the iPhone

Back in the years of bell-bottoms and roller disco, great titans fought with calculators. Four decades on, we have the iPhone. Who says war has no benefit?