Kumud M. Srinivasan

Technology: Friend or Fiend?

(Rethink Robotics’ Sawyer (l) and Baxter (r), collaborative robots)
Kumud M. Srinivasan shares her admiration for technology and wonders why there is growing apprehension surrounding technological advancements.   I am a tech-world insider, and when I say inside, I mean three-plus decades working ten-hour days side-by-side with geeky engineers and straight-talking managers and hard-charging ... Read the full article
Kumud M. Srinivasan

Kumud is an aspiring writer and a general manager in Intel Corporation. Her stints at Intel include a three-year assignment in India as head of operations. She serves on the board of a digital network technology company, and as the industry rep on the Indo-US Science & Technology Foundation. She mentors students of Georgetown’s Executive Education program. Kumud recently acquired a Master’s degree in creative writing.