Jane Caro

IBM Firing Workers Over a Certain Age Is the Same Old Story

Recently, IBM fired 100,000 workers they deemed too old. Clearly, those who make these decisions today will be those affected tomorrow.    A few months ago, I was at a function talking about the rapidly rising rate of homelessness amongst older women (the fastest-growing group is women over 55). After I had finished my presentation, a young woman rose to ... Read the full article
Jane Caro

Jane Caro has a low boredom threshold and so wears many hats, including: author, novelist, lecturer, mentor, social commentator, columnist, workshop facilitator, speaker, broadcaster, and award-winning advertising writer.

Forced Organ Harvesting in China Is Six Times What the Government Claims

After a yearlong investigation, a panel has found that instances of forcible organ transplants are far higher than what the Chinese government has previously stated.