Mark Thompson

Binge Watching Is the Greatest Drug We’ve Ever Seen

Speaking for the “binge-watch” generation, unlike previous social movements built around drug culture, our high will never end. Forever new, forever solitary.   Drugs. The 1960s had social optimism, safeguarded by the moral excuse of “drugs;” the 1970s had drugs without the optimism; in the 1980s, the optimism returned with the drugs; the 1990s ... Read the full article
Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson lives in regional NSW working by day in an accounting firm, and by night lives and breathes being a food and wine snob. He hopes to one day be a food critic or at the very least, meet Maggie Beer.

The Brutal Calculator Wars of the ’70s Gave Us the iPhone

Back in the years of bell-bottoms and roller disco, great titans fought with calculators. Four decades on, we have the iPhone. Who says war has no benefit? 

AI Believes We Express Emotions the Same Six Ways – That Is a Problem

As it has been long established, humans are subject to six unifying emotions. However, with the birth of technology that mimics us for our benefit, this represents a problem.