Kumud M. Srinivasan

Technology: Friend or Fiend?

(Rethink Robotics’ Sawyer (l) and Baxter (r), collaborative robots)
Kumud M. Srinivasan shares her admiration for technology and wonders why there is growing apprehension surrounding technological advancements.   I am a tech-world insider, and when I say inside, I mean three-plus decades working ten-hour days side-by-side with geeky engineers and straight-talking managers and hard-charging ... Read the full article
Kumud M. Srinivasan

Kumud is an aspiring writer and a general manager in Intel Corporation. Her stints at Intel include a three-year assignment in India as head of operations. She serves on the board of a digital network technology company, and as the industry rep on the Indo-US Science & Technology Foundation. She mentors students of Georgetown’s Executive Education program. Kumud recently acquired a Master’s degree in creative writing.

The Brutal Calculator Wars of the ’70s Gave Us the iPhone

Back in the years of bell-bottoms and roller disco, great titans fought with calculators. Four decades on, we have the iPhone. Who says war has no benefit? 

AI Believes We Express Emotions the Same Six Ways – That Is a Problem

As it has been long established, humans are subject to six unifying emotions. However, with the birth of technology that mimics us for our benefit, this represents a problem.