Stan Gerding

Dear Grandson: Desert Operation and Tee Ball

(Photo by Vinnie Ahuja, Creative Commons)
In his latest “Dear Grandson,” Stan Gerding shares about the continuing desert operation and the tragic loss of lives, and coaching tee ball.   Dear Grandson, During the desert operation, the days ... Read the full article
Stan Gerding

Stan Gerding is a retired veteran after 23 years in the Navy that included a tour of duty in Vietnam as a Corpsman, 1968-1969. He has since been the administrator of various healthcare organizations, a high school science teacher, an author, a singer, and is the father of Greg Gerding and grandfather to Jack.

Dear Grandson: Big Wheels, Bubba, Bumper Stickers, and 29 Palms

In his latest “Dear Grandson,” Stan Gerding shares about his son’s Big Wheel, Tee ball, bumper stickers, and an operation in the desert of 29 Palms.

Life Is a Sweet, Tender Bruise XXI

John Michael continues his series Life Is a Sweet, Tender Bruise, reflecting on life and people encountered, with two new stories about ups and downs, and helping each other.

Dear Grandson: Confronting Trauma When Your Son Is Badly Hurt

In his latest “Dear Grandson,” Stan Gerding talks about his continuing career in the Navy and confronting trauma when his son was bitten on the face by a vicious neighborhood dog.

Dear Grandson: On Driving Across America

In his latest “Dear Grandson,” Stan Gerding shares what it was like driving across America from Virginia Beach to California with his family in a tiny Chevy Vega in 1976.