Nikki Zahka

Surviving the Binge Season These Holidays …

One of our favorite fitness Instagrammers, Nikki Zahki, gives us the inside knowledge behind not letting holiday eating totally destroy your weight.   How I used to eat during the holidays …
  • stuff my face as fast as I can
  • keep eating when I knew I wasn't hungry anymore
  • eat until I was uncomfortable and ... Read the full article
    Nikki Zahka

    Nikki is 22 and a prolific Instagrammer from a small town in the U.S. She started her transformation two years ago, the summer going into her junior year of college. After losing 25 pounds and finding self-confidence, she wanted to help as many other people through the same eye-opening journey. She balances her fitness business with a full-time job, a healthy lifestyle, and still manages to have a fun social life with it!